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Biography Edit

  • "Hanzo Hasashi was a member of the Shirai-Ryu assassin clan until they and his family were killed by Sub-Zero of the rival Lin Kuei clan. Hanzo's soul was claimed by the Netherrealm sorcerer Quan Chi, who resurrected him as the revenant Scorpion and gave him the chance to avenge his family's deaths. Full of rage and hellfire, Scorpion fights alongside Quan Chi in Netherrealm's invasion of Earthrealm."In the past events of Mortal Kombat X, Scorpion was among those serving Quan Chi in the invasion ofEarthrealm. When Sonya Blade and her team, along with Johnny Cage and Kenshi, attempted to fly to Raiden'sSky Temple, Scorpion and Sub-Zero attacked them, killing all the members of Sonya's team. Although he incapacitating Kenshi briefly, Scorpion was soon tackled by Johnny Cage out of the cargo helicopter before it crashed and was then defeated by the actor.
  • A few years later, when Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage traveled to Quan Chi's Fortress, Quan Chi intercepts them and has Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Jackson Briggs attack them. Scorpion faces against Sonya Blade and is defeated by her along with the others. After Raiden arrives to save Johnny Cage's life, Scorpion is fully resurrected to his human self along with Jax and Sub-Zero by the Thunder God when Raiden uses his and Quan Chi's magic to do so.

Five years before the game's events, Hanzo trains with Takeda and is beaten, proud of his student's success. Hanzo elevates Takeda to the rank of Chujin, but when Takeda states he looks forward to serving the Shirai Ryu, Hanzo informs him his future is not with the clan. He observes his student's reunion with his father Kenshi and tries to convince Takeda his father isn't an enemy, but Takeda refuses and rants at his father. Kenshi counters Takeda's beliefs that he abandoned him, confessing that he left him with Hanzo for training and protection. 

During the same year, Hanzo travels to the Lin Kuei Palace when Kuai Liang invites him there. Kuai Liang speaks to him about how they have both reformed their clans to protect Earthrealm and that they should becomes allies. Skeptical, Hanzo asks if this means Sub-Zero will finally confess that the Lin Kuei was guilty of the first iteration of the Shirai Ryu's demise. Sub-Zero then explains how he killed Sektor for completely turning the Lin Kuei into cyborgs and that he has discovered that his clan had lost its honor far before the Cyber Initiative.

However, they are interrupted by Frost, Sub-Zero's pupil, who attacks Hanzo. Believing that Sub-Zero's invitation was an assassination attempt on himself, Hanzo defeats Frost and attacks Sub-Zero. After defeating the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, he prepares to kill him, but stops when Sub-Zero saves him from another attack by Frost. Explaining that his intentions are true and Frost acted on her own intention, Scorpion forgives Sub-Zero. In the Lin Kuei Palace, Sub-Zero shows Sektor's memory banks, revealing that the Lin Kuei had Quan Chi eradicate Hanzo's clan and family in exchange for their service, but Sektor refused to fulfill the agreement because Quan Chi resurrected Hanzo as Scorpion.

Sub-Zero then tells Hanzo if he had known about the Lin Kuei's role in the Shirai Ryu massacre before, their relationship would have been far different. Shocked by the revelation, Hanzo confesses to Sub-Zero he only killed his brother because he believed it was Bi-Han who killed his family. Sub-Zero expresses he holds no ill will toward Hanzo, as he believes Quan Chi is responsible. Ovecoming his shock, Hanzo states their is a debt to be payed, but it will be through Quan Chi's life. He then bows to Sub-Zero, thanking him for informing him the truth, while Sub-Zero does the same.

In the present, after hearing that Quan Chi has been captured, Hanzo approaches Sonya Blade at the Refugee Kamp, demanding Quan Chi be handed over to him. When she refuses, Hanzo orders his ninjas to attack (only to wound not kill) the Special Forces. During the conflict, he defeats Sonya, Kenshi, and Johnny Cage before taking Quan Chi by force. When Quan Chi pleads for his life while calling Hanzo Scorpion, Hanzo slaps the sorcerer, declaring that he is no longer Scorpion, but Hanzo Hasashi. Enraged that Quan Chi killed his family and manipulated him to kill Bi-Han, causing him to lose the only chance to restore his family, he savagely beats Quan Chi.

Hanzo is interrupted by D'Vorah, who arrives to deliver Shinnok's amulet to Quan Chi. Scorpion attacks her when she attempts to save him, but then throws his Kunai through the sorcerer's chest. Pulling Quan Chi to him with his spear, Hanzo decapitates him, finally avenging the death of his family. However, just moments before his death, Quan Chi is able to free Shinnok. In an attempt to stop the fallen Elder God, Hanzo attacks Shinnok with Sonya, Johnny Cage, and Kenshi, but Shinnok incapacitates everyone and captures Johnny. Following Shinnok's departure with D'Vorah and the revenants of Earthrealm's former defenders, Scorpion informs Cassie Cage and her team of the god's destination.  

Ending Edit

"Remorse for his role in ressurrecting Shinnok weighed heavily upon Scorpion's soul. His desire for vengeance had brought Earthrealm to the brink of destruction. Scorpion offered to perform hara-kiri to atone for his offense. But Raiden suggested a more productive alternative. Instead of death, Raiden sentenced Scorpion to life. He imbued Scorpion with a small portion of the Jinsei's power, linking him to Earthrealm's essence. Scorpion and his Shirai Ryu clan would protect the Jinsei--and Earthrealm--forever."